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For over a decade Merida has been title sponsor of the Multivan Merida Biking team, providing the professional MTB riders with bikes which have won World and European Championships as well as Olympic Gold and Silver.

From 2013 we are also co-sponsors of Team Lampre-Merida, so for the first time in our 25 year history we are competing at the top level of professional MTB and road racing.

Our sponsorship is more than a marketing exercise: like in Formula 1, the demands of competing at the highest level pushes development engineers further and further as they get feedback from the competitors.

The efforts of our professional athletes deliver sporting success, but also drive our product success. The trickle down of their race winning technology makes better bikes for all of us.








From GT’s namesake Gary Turner designing one of the first BMX race bikes in 1972 to our modern carbon fiber creations that redefine fast-as-hell, we’ve built a long legacy of racing, winning, yet never taking ourselves too seriously.

As a company, we’re 30 going on 18. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s all about family! GT has focused on supporting the best athletes and teams to help inspire and develop the technologies that allow us to bring you the best bikes.



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